Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blog review: A Holy Experience

I studied in a local coffee shop on Thursday afternoon as rain steadily fell on the world outside. I realized that the falling water was a gift not only to the desperately dry ground but also to me. A reminder to slow down, the rain was God’s way of reminding me that he always provides. I wrote “feeling of peace as rain falls” in the journal where I record God's gifts to me.

I started counting things I am thankful for after reading Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts.” I recently discovered that Voskamp also maintains a blog,, in which she writes about her life, displays her photography and shares her views about God’s grace.

The writing in the blog is beautiful. Voskamp’s posts often read like poetry. Each post tells a story about a recent experience she has had. Each story is punctuated by her thoughts and photography. The posts are lengthy because of the photography and her writing style but for this blog the longer length works. Fans of A Holy Experience are willing to scroll to read and admire.

For those who are looking to be encouraged and have a few moments to read, A Holy Experience is worth looking at. I never fail to be inspired by Voskamp’s writing. Her words remind me to be thankful for moments like watching rain on a Thursday afternoon.

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