Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A desire to share

The man looks at me from across the desk and laughs.

“That’s how you get people to volunteer,” he tells me. “You tell ‘em it’s comin’ and they change their minds. You tell ‘em it’s comin’.”

The man occasionally comes and talks to me when I’m sitting at the front desk of the building where I work. I’ve never encountered a person more passionate about an organization they’re connected with than he is.

He asks almost every person who walks in the building if they know about the event he loves that will be happening soon. If they say yes, he makes sure they know they can attend and to tell all their friends as well. If they say no, he tells them they are missing out on something great and gives them the opportunity to learn about the event and respond to the opportunity he has given them.

As he stands laughing, it hits me hard and humbles me quickly; the Lord has just shown me a sweetly simple picture of what He desires me to be doing. The Lord has given the hope of salvation through the sacrifice of His Son. He desires for me to share with others this hope. Incredible.