Saturday, October 6, 2012

Feature story review: Vision statements

I first read Oklahoma Gazette for an assignment in my persuasive writing class. I had never read the publication before, and what I read in class made me want to read more. One article I read recently was about Oklahomans Without Limits summer camp held during the summer. The camp pairs blind or visually impaired youth with someone who has sight. Those with sight help campers experience museums, art and other activities.

"Vision statements" by Moose Tyler is a great example of a feature story that keeps readers interested by dropping interesting quotes throughout the story. The article leads with questions prompting the reader to think about how they would explain everyday things to someone who could not see. A nut graph explaining the camp follows.

Readers are encouraged to continue reading to get to more quotes from campers and helpers. The writer does a good job incorporating descriptive information that helps the reader understand the personalities of those interviewed. I loved when the writer says that a camper wasn't as enthusiastic about being interviewed after learning the interview wasn’t for TV.

Reading feature stories about nonprofits makes me excited about the possibility of doing communications for a nonprofit. I know the Lord will lead me where he wants me to serve him in my future, but I’m still enjoying exploring the possibilities my future holds.

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